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  • z-band newborn wristband

    Z-Band Newborn Soft Wristband

    Z-Band Newborn Soft Wristband.
    Using wristbands to identify newborns can be challenging dueto their size and delicate skin, but wristbands are extremely important to ensure positive patient identification. Zebra’s Z-Band Newborn wristband was designed with these challenges in mind.
    Adjustable Design
    The 7.69-inch x 0.75-inch (195mm x 19mm) band is an ideal size for infants. Plus, the band is adjustable to fit even the smallest of patients.
    Silver Antimicrobial Coating
    The Z-Band Newborn features a silver antimicrobial coating that protects the wristband from degradation.
    Caja con 6 rollos de 260 Brazaletes c/u.
    *Producto bajo pedido, consulta el tiempo de entrega con un ejecutivo.